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Public enterprises: wages of bitterness

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Readers’ mail is often a good indicator of the state of mind of the population. In this case, the Bernese press has been full of angry letters for a week following the announcement, on March 16, of the salary received in 2020 by the CEO of the BKW group, Suzanne Thoma: 1.93 million francs, employer’s contribution to provident insurance included. In the process, the chairman of the board of directors suggested that, if the results followed expectations, his overall compensation would exceed 2 million “in the medium term”.

If this figure caused a stir, it was because, after peaking in the middle of the previous decade, the incomes of executives of state-owned enterprises had started to decline. That of Suzanne Thoma was no exception to this trend: after having exceeded 2 million in 2018, which had triggered a political storm, it fell to 1.76 million in 2019 before rising again in 2020.

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