PS delegates say “yes” to the CO2 law

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At the assembly of the Swiss Socialist Party on Saturday, Federal Councilor Simonetta Sommaruga campaigned for the CO2 law. Climate protection should not take a back seat because of the economic difficulties, said the Federal Councilor for the Environment.

The health crisis did not make the climate crisis disappear and Switzerland will have to invest heavily in the coming years to get the economy back on its feet. This is so that people can find a job and that young people, who are currently experiencing particular difficulties, can quickly find their place in professional life, she stressed.

It is a huge challenge, but also an opportunity, said Ms Sommaruga: “If we take the right direction now, we can create jobs that will benefit the economy and the climate”. She said she was aware that the PS would have liked to go a step further – but with the current law, CO2 emissions could be cut in half by 2030.

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A position also supported by Roger Nordmann, Vaudois national advisor. The world needs to move away from fossil fuels, he argued, which is why the bill is important.

Of course, it would have been necessary and possible to go further, he said, but rejecting it would lead to stagnation and the status quo. Delegates followed this reasoning with a vote of 170 to 1, with one abstention.

In addition, the delegates said yes to the initiative on drinking water by 158 votes to 0 and 6 abstentions and yes to the initiative on the ban on pesticides by 144 votes to 2 and 3 abstentions. The votes will take place on June 13.