Poacher trampled by elephants in South Africa

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A man was recently trampled by elephants in Kruger National Park, South Africa, as he tried to flee from rangers. He was accompanied by two companions. One has been arrested and the other is still running.

We are on April 17th, in South Africa. While on a patrol, rangers spot three suspicious men in southern Kruger National Park. They could be poachers. Very quickly, the police chase them in an attempt to intercept them with the support of the air wing of the South African police service. The three spotted then flee, dropping an ax and a bag of provisions in their haste. A few hours later, one of the three men is finally captured. Where are the other two?

Trampled before dying

According to him, he and his companions encountered a group of elephants. Based on his statements, the rangers go to the scene of the supposed meeting and come across a second man lying on the ground, visibly trampled by one or more elephants, but still alive. He will finally die a few hours later from his injuries. A rifle found on the spot once again suggests that these three men were not not in the park for sightseeing.

Note that while poaching is indeed a very serious threat to elephants in parts of Africa, most of the poachers captured in recent years in the region have focused on rhinos, according to park officials.

The third member of the group, who was also reportedly injured by the elephants, managed to escape. For now it is still not found. Gareth Coleman, Managing Director of Kruger, has request people living nearby to provide information that could lead to its capture.

Credit: Frank Vassen / Wikipedia

It’s not not the first time this type of accident has happened. Two years ago, another man was also trampled by an elephant in the same park, before a pride of lions came to finish the job. In 2018, a poacher was also devoured by lions while hunting in Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve, west of Kruger.

On the other hand, let us also remember that four forest guards were killed in 2015 in Garamba National Park, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, for trying to arrest poachers.

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