PLR and PDC women, same fight

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They shine, the women of the PLR. On March 8, they will launch their popular initiative for individual taxation, a first in their history. And everything suggests that their approach will be successful, even in times of coronavirus. At the initiative committee, they had to refuse people for the 27 places available. There are personalities from all parties except the SVP. Better still: on January 28, the women of the PDC signaled their interest, a clear sign that the lines are moving.

That day, on behalf of the committee, their chairman Babette Sigg Frank (ZH) invited her PLR counterpart Susanne Vincenz-Stauffacher (SG) to present the initiative by videoconference. “The exchange was very constructive and the prospect of a possible collaboration was a pleasant surprise”, rejoices the national councilor PLR from St. Gallen. As for Babette Sigg Frank, she confirms: “Our committee is in favor of this initiative, but we cannot make any promise of support at this stage.” Fairly, the PDC women are waiting to see how the new Center Party, resulting from the merger of the PDC and the PBD, will position itself. The latter did not rule out launching its own initiative following the invalidation by the Federal Court of the vote on the abolition of the tax penalty for marriage.