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Pierre Richard: “Today, I have more feet on the ground”

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Interview finished, he starts again with a flexibility and a dynamism hardly credible for a man of 86 years. But he puts his foot in the handle of a bag that was lying on the ground, does not realize it and wanders in the living room without being able to catch him. A stunning scene, worthy of one of his 1970s comedies.

A little earlier, the one who once said “even my past is unpredictable” evoked Saint-Jean-du-Bruel, a splendid Aveyron village, with an almost serious look: “The glasses under the covered market, the swimming in the Dourbie, the mushrooms in the fall… These are great moments in my life that I regret. ” Humor in spite of himself, melancholy on edge: these are two faces of a very busy Pierre Richard despite the technical unemployment which has hit the actors for a year.

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