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“Pierre Maudet’s invitation to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was nothing unusual”

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He is the only one still speaking before the tribunal withdraws to deliberate on the most sensitive case that Geneva has known in recent years. Pierre Maudet addresses the president: “As an accused, I would like to thank you for listening. During these four days, I found the opportunity to express myself. As a man, I do not deny my fault, I regret and take full responsibility for those I have hurt and touched. I reiterate my apologies. Finally, as Councilor of State, I reaffirm that the word I gave to Genevans has always been in the direction of service and the opening of the Republic that I have proudly served as a magistrate for fourteen years. I said.”


The minister and his four co-defendants will be fixed on their fate on Monday. All have pleaded for acquittal. For Me Grégoire Mangeat, “there is nothing unusual about this official invitation to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix”. The lawyer for the Councilor of State considers that there is no evidence that the magistrate accepted an undue advantage in connection with the performance of his task, nor that he imagined the possible consequences of such act.

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