Pierre Maudet’s complicated posture

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The two images are difficult to reconcile. The shaken and almost repentant Pierre Maudet, who admits to being largely responsible for his ordeal. And Pierre Maudet, always sure of himself and proud of the laudable intentions of his trip to Abu Dhabi, which claims to be impervious to any maneuver of influence. Questioned for several hours this Tuesday by the president of the tribunal, the minister does not budge. Even though this getaway smacked furiously of luxury resort, he never had any other idea than to defend Geneva and never imagined that he would one day feel indebted.

Target destination

Only one thing seems certain, Pierre Maudet had a fascination for the Emirates, for the Formula 1 Grand Prix – “an important event in the eyes of the authorities” – and for the prestige of the place. Before the stay which is the subject of the indictment, the minister had insisted with the chief of police to know when the plane of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan would land in Cointrin. “He came at regular intervals and I wanted to take an opportunity to make this trip a reality. In the end, I couldn’t do it. ”