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Part-time work, a puzzle for managers

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100%, but also 80%, or even 40%: in terms of the employment rate, today’s workers are less homogeneous than those of yesterday. In 1991, almost 8% of working men worked part-time, and 49% of women. In 2020, according to the OFS, the rates were over 18% for working men and 59% for women. The trend is increasingly attractive, if we are also to believe a study carried out by JobCloud, published in 2019, which shows that on, ads for part-time positions register proportionally more clicks than those for jobs at full-time.

What about the bosses and executives? It should first be noted that it is rarer for them not to work full time: 9.3% of male managers and 47.2% of female managers worked less than 90% in Switzerland in 2015. But for them, another question also arises: that of managing a team when its members have varying occupancy rates. Or how to know how to put the pieces of an organizational puzzle together.

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