Our skin or the inner lights

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After decades of lifting creams and magnifying mirrors, aesthetic beauty finds itself heckled by a more benevolent approach. It stems from a new relationship with the body, less objectified, more felt. As if, by dint of putting awareness into what we do, eat, put on our skin or on the way we breathe, our gaze becomes more in-depth.

“We are looking for a more global reading of internal imbalances,” confirms Claire Andréewitch, naturopath and author of the book. Reveal your glow (Ed. Marabout). Beauticians, dermatologists and facialists say it, the skin becomes always more fragile because of our way of life, pollution or junk food. It is more difficult to obtain good results with just one cream or one treatment. ” Other wellness and beauty professionals offer support that targets the overall lifestyle of the person to deal with surface issues. The goal? Find a radiant complexion. “The glow, in English, this light that illuminates the face, a reflection of a deep well-being, of an alignment, an aura in a way ”, specifies the specialist based in the Paris region.