Open air – Le Temps

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Tuesday evening, launch at the University of Geneva of the program entitled Open air, aimed at creating a dialogue between science and spirituality, thanks to the support of the Yves and Inez Oltramare Foundation. A big moment! A range of guests represented the Faculty of Theology as well as the Department of Astronomy of the Faculty of Sciences and two tenors held the top of the bill: the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics Didier Queloz who pleaded for interdisciplinarity and astrophysicist and writer Trinh Xuan Thuan, professor emeritus at the University of Virginia, who recalled how religion and physics use different tools to question the same mysteries. The successive round tables, the images of the cosmos that paraded on the screen, the film shot by the painter Fabienne Verdier, the strange sound emitted by the xylophone or the bell-tubes of Till Lingenberg, all contributed to the density of this evening. broadcast live on Léman Bleu.

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