Not so easy to quit WhatsApp: the proof

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Quit WhatsApp for Signal, Telegram or Threema? Technically, it’s pretty easy. But the hardest part is elsewhere. It is to convince his friends to migrate… Here is an illustration, with a very real exchange which took place recently within a WhatsApp group of which I belong (I just changed the first names).

Alexander: Tcho guys, I hope you are all doing well! I’m going to quit WhatsApp, are you okay with moving this group on Threema? We regret that Swisscom did not maintain the app they made at the time (IO?)… Have a good weekend!
Christophe: Tcho! No problem for me! I’m there too! Good weekend to all!
Mariano: Same for me! Good weekend to all!
Luca: Hi! Finally, people are leaving Facebook and Google. I’ve been on Signal and Telegram for a long time now, there are just a few groups that insisted on using WhatsApp.
Alexander: Luca, do you mind getting on Threema too? I then create the group.
Luca: It bothers me to have to install yet another chat app… I already have too many and I don’t know anyone who uses Threema. Why not Signal? Equally safe and respectful of private information.
Mariano: Otherwise e-mail? 😉
Alexander: Are everyone on Signal too? I’m there, so no worries for me. We will end up agreeing with Anouch when he says in his article that we cannot leave WhatsApp …
Luca: This group is one of the only reasons why I still use WhatsApp 😂 After Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2018 all my friends / family left it for Telegram. It’s not that hard.
I: Hello, I love this conversation. I even think I’ll write my next column about it 🙃 (and all means of communication are fine with me).
Luca: 👍
Alexander: Okay, so I’m creating a band on Signal. Have a good week guys !! (Mariano and Christophe are missing on Signal…)
Mariano: I install everything, anyway it’s the notifications that annoy me and I’ll remove them 🤣😉
Christophe: Here. It is done!
Alexander: Weird, Mariano and Christophe, I can’t find you on Signal. You send me a little message in Signal or give me your ID? Thank you! Anouch and Luca: You must accept the invitation for the Signal group! A +