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Noga Erez, saved by music

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The fates of songs that matter are often unusual. Some are born of chance or a technical error, others composed at the last minute to fill a hole in a record. Views, the first single from Noga Erez’s second album, has its own story too. “We had sent a first version to our label and to friends, I found it magnificent. But we never had the slightest return, neither for good nor for bad. So we threw it away, convinced everyone hated it. But a few months later, Ori [Rousso, son partenaire à la vie comme à la scène, ndlr] pulled it out of the closet with a completely different beat. And there, everyone jumped to the ceiling. The production changed its fate. Thanks to Ori for being so stubborn, ”says the singer enthusiastically.

His little piano intro with suspended brass, the chorus that takes everything, the eternal energy that emanates from its performer: the hit is so obvious that it wins at the very first listening. The ideal entry point for a really good record that walks quietly between rap and electro-pop.

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