No, the Chinese Academy of Sciences does not make a time machine

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In recent years, China has made enormous technological progress, especially with regard to space. So it is quite logical that part of the population of this country is a fan of science fiction. Lately, a rumor even attributed the construction of a time machine to the Chinese Academy of Sciences!

A crazy rumor

It’s not a scoop, China dream of space conquest. Between exploring the far side of the Moon, sending a probe to Mars or building the first solar power station in space, everything seems possible with our Chinese friends. These multiple advances are also fueling the enthusiasm for science fiction within a part of the population. Indeed, the country’s film industry produced many films of the genreAlthough the President Xi Jinping’s propaganda must appear prominently.

However, China inevitably has limits and has recently demonstrated this. The Beijing Academy of Sciences has indeed denied a crazy rumor went viral on the web. The academy said its Institute of High Energy Physics had not partnered with Ruitai Technology Development Technology in the context of building a time travelling machine.

The famous DeLorean from the legendary Back to the Future saga, which popularized time travel in cinema. – Credits: Oto Godfrey and Justin Morton / Wikipedia

The academy forced to speak out

It all started with a amazing PowerPoint presentation. The latter presented a concept of “Space-time Tunnel Experimental Device”, that is to say an experimental device of space-time tunnel. The publication brought together the very serious institute and the start-up about work relating to a device able to twist space and time and control the flow of time. The document referred to applications of time travel and Outer Space. Just that.

The rumor has therefore apparently conquered many Chinese. It must be said that the document did almost everything to be convincing, in particular by evoking the alleged praise concerning the invention, on the part of the Nobel Prize winner in physics in 2009 Gao Kun and other renowned Chinese researchers. However, people believing the rumor could still have quickly understood the deception given the announced budget: $ 838.2 billion.

Faced with the scale of the case, the Beijing Academy of Sciences has therefore issued an official statement to put an end to it. She said she was not working on a time machine and that the information in the PowerPoint presentation was completely false. Guo Weiwei, head of Ruitai Technology Development Technology, also refuted the existence of such a project. The person nevertheless admitted that the presentation in question came from an external marketing firm that had created the document by mistake for funding purposes. Understand who can.

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