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Nine symphonies for one conductor

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By leaving after six years of musical direction, the young conductor Joshua Weilerstein leaves beautiful memories to the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra (OCL) and to his audience. For the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven, a celebrated anniversary which has just ended, the complete nine symphonies make an important furrow in the history of the orchestra. The two DVDs filmed by the RTS teams mark a landmark adventure for the musicians and their conductor, before Renaud Capuçon takes over the reins of the orchestra this summer.

In this vast Beethoven project, we find Andy Sommer on cameras. The recording took place in the Salle du Métropole last September. For many years, the director has been filming operas and symphonic events in the region for French-speaking television. He knows the musical specificities to perfection and highlights them in the image like no one else. We thus find his paw, sensitive in close-ups and with a shifting aesthetic in large ensembles. On the 340 minutes of music and the 23 bonuses, the spectator plunges into the Beethovenian flow with happiness, and discovers the presentation entitled Josh’s Notes with interest.

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