Nexthink wants to be “an example in Switzerland”

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The virtual meeting with Pedro Bados, director and co-founder of Nexthink, starts this Thursday at 2 p.m. The day before, a package is delivered to my home. It is shipped by Globus, and I tell myself it’s a mistake: I haven’t ordered anything. I open the package. It is a bottle of cabernet sauvignon 2014, produced in Napa Valley, valued at 70 francs. Inside the packaging is the name of an employee of an investment firm. I write to him, thinking that this package was intended for him. Not at all, she replies, it’s to thank me for attending the meeting with Pedro Bados the next day. She adds that a risotto with escalopes will be delivered to me. Thursday morning, she tells me that it will be more of a poke bowl with chicken, with caramel and salted butter ice cream.

It is after eating this dish – but without opening the bottle – that I log into this meeting Thursday afternoon. Since the beginning of February, Nexthink has entered a new dimension, and these deliveries are a sign of this. By raising $ 180 million, the company founded in Lausanne in 2004 is now valued at exactly $ 1.1 billion. She thus became what is called a “unicorn”. On Thursday, Pedro Bados met online media from several countries, accompanied by Fergal Mullen, partner at Highland Capital Partners and based in Geneva. His company is one of Nexthink’s investors. This one is specialized in the management of the IT problems of the employees within the companies. The company has 1,000 clients, such as Johnson & Johnson, UBS and Lufthansa.