Neil Young, an interminable harvest

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Photographing his official career as a whole? It takes time, but you get there with a little concentration. Neil Young first released three legendary records with Buffalo Springfield in the mid-1960s, before continuing with a decade that will forge his legend: a dozen albums like so many classics between 1969 and 1979. Then years will come. 1980 sullied by its controversy with the Geffen label, electric monuments with Crazy Horse, hymns, long-lasting concerts without a second of boredom, and other more or less commendable things.

In the end, about fifty albums, and more than enough to spend a life of emotions and delights. With its chosen moments. Because we don’t listen Tonight is evening anytime, that we do not sink into the electronic madness of Trans in random listening, and that you have to be prepared to do nothing other than cry while inflicting yourself Harvest moon. And because the “boomer” generation probably has one or more intimate memories linked to a particular song. As far as we are concerned: See the sky about to rain which sets off just as the rain hits the windshield of a 4×4 in Iceland. Twice in the same day, authentic, for a song that you can no longer listen to as before.