More than 59,000 signatures against “marriage for all”

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Also 7,334 uncertified signatures were submitted to the Federal Chancellery, according to a press release from the referendum committee on Monday afternoon. The handing over of signatures to the Federal Chancellery was accompanied by a counter-demonstration by supporters of the revision of the law on “marriage for all” in Bern. The latter were kept away by the police.

The introduction of ““ marriage for all ”would amount to opening a social and political breach which eliminates the historical definition of marriage, understood as the lasting union of a man and a woman,” writes the referendum committee. According to him, “marriage is and must remain the natural union of a man and a woman, whom it is a question of protecting”.

An inter-party committee, composed mainly of representatives of the UDF and the UDC, launched the referendum. Opponents are embarrassed by the fact that “marriage for all” would be introduced without amending the Constitution. With the ability for lesbian couples to have access to donated sperm, the best interests of the child are being ignored, they add.

Petition and campaigns

For its part, Operation Libero has launched an online petition in favor of the law in order to stand up to opponents of the bill. On Monday, about 100,000 people had signed the request for a “marriage for all with all the rights and obligations that go with it”, according to the movement.

The Greens have already announced that they will fight the referendum with determination. “We want to live in a society that grants the same rights to all couples, gay and straight. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with the right to marry, ”says Nicolas Walder, national adviser (GE) and quoted in the party’s statement.

The Jeunes Vert-es Suisse have also already launched their campaign. The latter were outraged after the referendum was tabled. “It is distressing to see that certain groups are fighting specifically against equal rights in Switzerland,” said Olef Gafner, co-chairman of the party, in a statement.

Parliamentary initiative in 2013

Today, same-sex couples can get married in many European countries, but not in Switzerland. Same sex couples only have the option of registered partnership. This marital status only exists for same-sex couples.

A registered partnership does not entail the same rights as marriage. There are differences, for example regarding naturalization. Joint adoption of children is not allowed.

Parliament adopted the “marriage for all” bill last December. The project has its origins in a parliamentary initiative of the Vert’liberals, tabled in 2013. In addition to marriage for same-sex couples and access to sperm donation for lesbian couples, it provides for facilitated naturalization of the spouse and l joint adoption.

“Marriage for all” does not include surrogacy, which could allow male couples to have children. As for the survivors’ pension, it was excluded in order not to overburden the bill.