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Mischa Damev, director of the Musical September: “A society without culture is doomed to decline”

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All have been there. Festival directors were forced into mass cancellations last season. On the eve of presenting the next vintage of September musical in detail, Mischa Damev reveals some tracks and takes the opportunity to spark a debate that he would like to see seized by cultural, political, social and economic actors, public or private. But above all, it appeals to civil society and lovers of art and living culture. For him, the pandemic is not about to disappear, some fundamental questions of survival deserve to be studied.

Small return on a sensitive subject whose director of traditional institutions would like to reshuffle the cards, without desire to argue but for the sake of stoking collective and individual responsibilities. His slightly discordant voice intends less to point out the measures taken or not by governments, but rather to awaken communities in loss of identity in a general deficit of interest and real cultural involvement.

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