Migrant women, autonomy at the cost of the Mediterranean

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Camille Schmoll’s investigation The Damned of the Sea. Women and Borders in the Mediterranean has two immense qualities: giving a voice to migrant women, because many of them cross the Mediterranean alone. And break the clichés on migration, including that of the forced distinction between voluntary migration and forced.

Camille Schmoll has been a geographer, specialist in migration for twenty-five years. She founded the International Group of Experts on Migration (GIEM) and teaches at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. Let us start with this figure: women are slightly in the majority in migration in Europe (51%). Thanks to the accounts of women gathered by the author, in Malta and in Italy, we have a precious opportunity to better understand the migration issue in the Mediterranean. We must “feminize the gaze and re-politicize the question of gender”, she explains, this will be the way to avoid “the speeches of fear coming from the political and media worlds”. Telephone interview with a passionate and fascinating researcher.