Maryline Desbiolles composes with silence a new hymn to light

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There have been Anchor, Prix Femina in 1999. Today, twenty-two years later, The nephew of Anchise, a new novel by Maryline Desbiolles, a mirrored book, which answers and extends the first Anchor by its title and some of its protagonists, taking up, one or two generations later, the thread of a story, blowing on the embers of a sleeping story, breathing new life.

Anchises, in the personal mythology of Maryline Desbiolles is not the ancient hero visited by Aphrodite and become lame after Zeus had struck him down. Yet he looks like him. Like the character sung by Virgil, he limps, like him, he has been crossed and devastated by love – his young wife Blanche is dead, left him “much more than single, widower for life”, “widower alive” », Notes Maryline Desbiolles. He certainly had no children, no Aeneas raised by the nymphs and founder of a dynasty, but in his literary way, in the imagination, he took root: “The family of Anchises, us, the descendants. I have always believed that more than the family we were the descendants of Anchises, I always believed that we were geographically her descendants as we live on the same roadside but lower “, writes the novelist in The nephew of Anchise.