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Martine Ruggli-Ducrot, a pharmacist on the front line

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These are other white coats, those whose importance has been underestimated so far, but which the Covid-19 pandemic reminds us that they are an essential link in the health network: pharmacists started with to manufacture hydroalcoholic solutions when they were lacking, they now provide rapid antigenic tests and are preparing to start the turbo so that the entire population is vaccinated this summer. For the first time, a woman is at the head of their umbrella organization, PharmaSuisse. Martine Ruggli-Ducrot, a 54-year-old Fribourgeoise who has given herself a mission to “energize the profession”.

She almost became a doctor. When one day in 1984, she went to the University of Friborg to enroll in the faculty, she suddenly hesitated between two doors and ended up at the last moment by opting, like a friend, for pharmacy rather than medicine, which risked encroaching too much on his future family life. It doesn’t take much for a career to rock!

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