Mario Draghi accelerates the recomposition of the Italian right

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“We must bury the hatchet and solve the problems,” replied Matteo Salvini Tuesday morning on a private radio. He met the day before the secretary of the Democratic Party (PD, center left) to discuss employment and businesses closed or in crisis because of the coronavirus. In an unprecedented political configuration, the best enemies of all time have opened up channels of communication. The leader of the League (far right) has promised to exchange “on the phone with all party leaders” making up the new government of Mario Draghi, awaiting the vote of confidence in parliament on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Milanese senator, however, holds another ax within reach. He has sharpened the blade to impose himself as the main leader of an Italian right in full reorganization. Once the executive is in office, he intends to dominate, in the center, a Silvio Berlusconi leader of a dying party and, on the right, a Giorgia Meloni at the head of the post-fascists of the Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy ) continuously ascending. The rise to power of the former central banker has once again reshuffled the cards of what commentators continue to call “the center-right coalition”.