Malika Favre, the wandering eye

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“I never dream at night, but in my studio I am in the middle of a dream.” Joan Miró’s words seem to echo even in Malika Favre’s Barcelona apartment. The French illustrator found refuge in the city of the Catalan painter who made her dreams into a material to be modeled. Bathed in Mediterranean light, its space, half home, half workshop, is covered with abundant decoration. A Alebrije, a dreamlike creature from Mexico, hides under a wooden console. “The most beautiful animal in the world,” she laughs, pointing her computer’s camera on the sculpture during an impromptu videoconference visit.

Bauhaus ballet figures dance under a circular mirror. A piano sits in a monochrome corner. Just above, a Montreux Jazz poster, produced in 2017 by the 38-year-old artist, features dancers whose silhouettes form musical instruments in a striking chiaroscuro. The flickering camera lands for a moment on a bar – “very important the bar” – before stopping on a sofa designed by the American graphic designer Cleon Peterson, a centerpiece whose soft seat constitutes his main workstation. Malika Favre has a taste for beauty and attention to detail.