Louis Dumur, the disturbing writer

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They had a little too early or a little too late the ideas which made others famous; they worked in the shadow of a famous author and will remain for posterity the friend or the collaborator of; they took the opposite view of a literary movement destined for success or they touched too many genres to mark one of them… A group of academics, led in particular by the Quebecer François Ouellet and the French, today hui deceased, Bruno Curatolo, works to arouse their revie.

As much as fixing the errors of literary memory, it is a question of understanding how it is made, according to criteria that sometimes have little to do with talent. In this line, François Jacob, professor of literature in Lyon, took an interest in the Geneva writer Louis Dumur (1863-1933) and published The Conspiracy of Silence. Geneva and Louis Dumur, at MétisPresses.