Louis Dumur, an unloved Genevan

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The Swiss Romandies have the reputation of not liking their writers too much, especially those who leave them to settle in Paris. Louis Dumur (1863-1933) is one of these reprobates. Local writer, author of a sarcastic Geneva trilogy organized around the adventures of college student Nicolas Pécolat, then active participant in Parisian intellectual life, notably around the Mercure de France which he directed for nearly forty years, he stood out. between 1914 and 1918 with such a warlike engagement that he even got tired of among his French friends. In the process, he was among the first contemptors of Swiss neutrality, which did not help his affairs on this side of the Jura.

Faithful admirers

But today he has loyal admirers. Since 2014, Louis Dumur Notebooks are published annually under the direction of Françoise Dubosson and François Jacob. The latter are still at the origin of a reissue of the Geneva trilogy published by Slatkine in 2018 and François Jacob alone signs a biography of the writer, The Conspiracy of Silence, which appears these days at MetisPresse. A plunge full of teaching into an intellectual world in which Louis Dumur is not the only actor to have disappeared from many memories.


Francois Jacob

The Conspiracy of Silence. Geneva and Louis Dumur

MetisPresses, 182 p.