Look under the burqa – Le Temps

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The debates on the anti-burqa initiative are going well. One can only be struck by the impression that the adversaries do not talk about the same things and that their arguments are exchanged at different levels. The opponents are placed at three levels: particular, by underlining the infinitesimal number of people concerned in Switzerland; general, by criticizing the initiative for stigmatizing a whole category of the population; global, crying out for the violation of human rights.

The supporters of the initiative think that the problem is not in the number of burqa wearers, they believe that this outfit is only the symptom of a deeper evil, Islamic fundamentalism; they make a distinction between the Muslim and the Islamist and they refuse the global guilt of our society by protesting against the post-colonial theses of gender and diversity, coming from the United States which increasingly penetrate the universities, the media and certain political and intellectual strata.