Living in this New York skyscraper is hell!

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432 Park Avenue is one of the tallest residential skyscrapers in the world. A few years after its construction, this skyscraper arouses the discontent and anger of its inhabitants for many reasons. And yet, it is indeed a luxury skyscraper whose apartments often cost several tens of millions of dollars.

Disgruntled owners

In September 2020, we returned to a trend that is becoming more and more important in New York City: “pencil skyscrapers” or super-slenders. These are buildings at least 400 m high located mainly on the famous Manhattan Island. 432 Park Avenue (426 m) was briefly the tallest residential tower in the world, recently dethroned by the Central Park Tower (472 m). Remember that this is a luxury skyscraper. Indeed, the highest of the apartments had been sold for the astronomical sum of 88 million dollars!

As explained New York Times in an article from February 3, 2021, 432 Park Avenue (delivered in 2015) is today at the origin of a major dispute between the owners of most of the homes and those responsible for the initial project, namely CIM Group and Lendlease.

Credit: Tony Hisgett / Flickr

Hell for the rich

Despite the luxurious character of the building at 432 Park Avenue, the owners face setbacks of all kinds : water damage, repeated elevator breakdowns or many very unpleasant noises. The New York Times notably heard the testimony of Sarina Abramovich, who had purchased an apartment for $ 17 million in 2016 with her husband. Two years after their installation, the couple wiped two major water leaks having generated costs of up to $ 500,000. In 2019, one of the owners got stuck in an elevator due to the wind, causing the cables to move.

The wind is also the cause of another rather particular phenomenon, namely the wobbling of the tower. Sometimes the wind can move the top of the skyscraper horizontally by 60 cm! Let us also mention the multiple noises, also related to defects (clicking, squeaking, etc.). In addition, these unwanted noises also come from the garbage chute.

In addition, these problems are accompanied by a 40% increase in costs to cover the multiple repairs, but also the increase in insurance costs. To this is added a deleterious atmosphere between neighbors. Indeed, some want to take legal action in order to obtain compensation and lower costs, while others do not want to go that far. Ironically, the architect who designed 432 Park Avenue, the Uruguayan Rafael Viñoly, had confided being inspired by a trash can to imagine the concept.

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