Live and grow with Henry David Thoreau

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There are books that seem to want to pay homage to all those who make them: the author is accompanied by the publisher, the translator, the bookseller, the reader – anonymous or signatory of the review. This Newspaper is an apprenticeship for those who would like to learn to write, read, live.

“Under a wild name”: the tone is set by Thierry Gillybœuf in his incisive presentation in the fifth volume of the Newspaper de Thoreau, elegantly translated by his care. Because wild is Henry David Thoreau, in the noble sense of the term: wild is that missing part of the personality of civilized man. “Thoreau might have been an anarchist, but, if he was, he was for himself, not for others,” is a valid response from the learned old bookseller of Amherst Books, Mass., To which raises the question of this intense freedom claimed by one of the mythical authors of America. The only bomb of the American writer, free from all ideology, is his brain and his soul.