Lionesses in the towns

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The typical political career begins at the municipal level and then we progress little by little to the cantonal and then federal level, inflicting on us those who fear that they will be removed from their mandate. It’s a joke! It seems that the women have had enough of waiting to be invited to take their seats. So much the better. Since the 2019 federal election, they have overthrown the pyramid. That year, their share in the National Council fell from 32 to 43%. And last Sunday, Neuchâtel created a historic event in Switzerland by electing for the first time a female majority, 58 deputies out of 100, in a cantonal parliament. The purple wave, despite some setbacks as in the Valais government, seems inexorable. This strong eruption is even spectacular in the legislatures of a few large cities such as Bern (70%! A world record?) And Lausanne (56%).

Local elections

But there remains an area that has hitherto been little invested by women: the legislatures and executives of medium and small localities. Even where, we are promised, the future federal councilors would be forged. All statistics and studies, especially those of the Institute of Higher Studies in Public Administration (Idheap) show that their share in the vast majority of municipalities has stagnated for ten years. Women are scandalously under-represented there, they are said to be less than a third of elected officials on average.