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Lilo Pulver, from Bern to Hollywood

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Times were hard and rough working the land in the Emmental. Writer and pastor, Jeremias Gotthelf advocates humility and hard work in Uli the servant (Uli the farmhand). In 1954, Franz Schnyder brought to the screen this training novel: Uli is a good for nothing, carried on the bottle and the trifle. His master having found the words to bring him to his senses, he becomes a model peasant. The film achieved tremendous popular success and unwittingly participated in the expansion of Heimatfilm.

Uli’s rough heart beats for the gentle Vreneli, the boss’s natural daughter, embodied by Liselotte Pulver. This “Bernese whose price is on the rise in the FRG, charms with her ingenuity and her dazzling smile, of a communicative nature”, according to theHistory of Swiss cinema. To juvenile moviegoers who do not know her, the German-speaking actress recommends Uli the servant “Because this film marks the start of my career”. A great career which led her to Hollywood and which earned her, this Friday March 26, to receive the Honorary Prize of Swiss Cinema. With this award, the Federal Office of Culture wishes to “highlight the role that Lilo Pulver has played for world cinema, from the 1950s to the present day”.

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