Left and right: eternal data?

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The idea that the concepts of the left and the right are outdated regularly appears in the media or in the speeches of political parties that claim to be free from this traditional divide. In France, Emmanuel Macron claimed to embody both the left and the right, in a surpassing movement not far removed from that initiated by the Swiss Hegelian radicals in the 19th century. And this desire to stand out from the two “camps” which have shared the political field for more than two centuries unsurprisingly accompanies the message of the parties which call themselves “center”.

Common since revolutionary times, the division between left and right has in fact undergone many changes since then. The original opposition between supporters of the royal prerogative, classified on the right, and their opponents, grouping admirers of the British monarchy and the first Republicans, obviously no longer makes sense today. Liberalism lodged on the left in 1820 through its fight for freedom before migrating to the center right as the left favored the criterion of equality over that of freedom. The borders between the two blocs have never ceased to be redrawn, according to social and intellectual evolution.