Laurent Nègre: “Culture is what makes us human”

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Laurent Nègre is a filmmaker who could be described as adventurous, directing Marthe Keller in a heartbreaking family drama (Brittle, 2005) before rubbing shoulders, with rebellious audacity, with comedy (Operation Casablanca, 2010), a genre that is too little explored in Switzerland. In 2015, finally, he dared with Confusion a political film in the form of a false documentary. Director of several reports for Present time, co-author at the end of the year of the documentary series The Swiss Factory, the Genevan was also appointed last June at the head of the culture unit of the RTS. While the leading French-speaking television channel is inaugurating a new cultural program this week, Ramdam, he speaks for the first time about his new functions.

“The RTS has a generalist role, underlines Laurent Nègre from the outset. We do not have the luxury of becoming specialists, even if within the editorial staff there are extremely specialized people. ” For him, the role of the public service is to speak to society as a whole, not to exclude anyone. “Culture is like a toolbox for understanding the world, we should not have an algorithmic vision of it. Culture is what makes us human. ”