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Laurence de la Serna, President of the CCIG: “We are counting on the collective intelligence of the Council of State to make room for Pierre Maudet”

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The anger does not abate. The Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIG) and its 2,400 members support Pierre Maudet in the race for the Council of State, announced the Geneva Tribune last Friday. It is a question of blocking the left, an executive with a right-wing majority being the only one capable of preserving the interests of the Geneva economy, according to the officials of the CCIG. This announcement created an outcry and the resignation of several members. Rebound this Monday: the RTS announced that the Economic Council of the CCIG, an advisory body made up of 25 business leaders, did not actually vote by majority for the independent candidate. The latter would have collected 9 votes, against 9 for a free vote and 3 for the PDC candidate, Delphine Bachmann. Interview with the president of the CCIG, Laurence de la Serna.

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