La Bâloise acquires 225,000 customers but its profit falls by a third

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The Bâloise group says it is “in great shape” after the year of the pandemic. Gert de Winter, chairman of the insurer’s management, indicates in a press release published on Tuesday that he has progressed in 2020 towards the three strategic goals defined in 2017 for 2021. It was a question of being in the top 10% of the best employers in the world. sector, to gain a million new customers and create 2 billion francs in liquidity.

Last year, the Baloise was in the top 8% (19% in 2019) in terms of employee satisfaction. It has gained 225,000 new customers, or 738,000 since 2017. And it created 424 million francs in liquidity last year, or a total of 1.74 billion francs since 2017. Gert de Winter expresses his “conviction that by the end of the year we will have achieved all of our strategic objectives ”.