Katrin Tschannen, Migros Online: “Our centers are running day and night”

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Forget LeShop.ch, the brand no longer exists. Discreetly, at the end of 2020, Migros dropped the name of its online supermarket to rename it Migros Online. And this is not the only major change for this site founded in 1997 and owned by Migros: since last March, a woman, Katrin Tschannen, has been running this 100% Migros-owned company. She heads 700 employees – around 100,000 of Migros as a whole. We met this 40-year-old Bernese woman with almost perfect French in the heart of the Ecublens logistics center, near Lausanne, where dozens of semi-trailers come and go without interruption.

Le Temps: Why did you remove the LeShop brand, which is so well known to the public?