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Joseph Deiss: “I am ready to go back to the barricades for the framework agreement”

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It has become a national sport: the “framework agreement denigrate “. Economic circles and political parties are tearing each other apart and denouncing the institutional agreement with the European Union. Opponents in principle are joined by dissidents torpedoing negotiations that were very badly embroiled. While the Federal Council is showing itself more and more sluggish and its standard bearer, Ignazio Cassis, hesitating. According to Sunday newspaper, the picture is so gloomy that the Federal Council is considering the possibility of withdrawing from the negotiations.

And now a new force wants to turn the tide. Called Progresuisse, the movement that started on Sunday in the Sunday view intends to weigh in the face of the skepticism that occupies the field. With more than 60 people from science, business, politics and society, in collaboration with the think tank Reatch, he wants to stimulate “a substantial and constructive debate” on the scope of this agreement and defend the way bilateral. Among them, former Federal Councilor Joseph Deiss: “In principle, I do not get too involved in political life. But I am ready to go back to the barricades for the crucial matters. And the question which concerns us here is vital. ”

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