Jessy Trémouliere, organic rugby

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Right next to the farm, a house burned down. It happened a few days ago. The old man who lived there alone could not escape the flames. “He had become a little senile,” says Jessy. She remembers that last December, when she was voted the world’s best rugby player of the decade, her neighbor greeted her from afar “with tears in her eyes. In the village, it was he who seemed most moved. It upset me. He saw me grow up, like everyone else here. ”

Barlières, hamlet in the town of Bournoncle-Saint-Pierre, in Haute-Loire. Clermont-Ferrand is 60 km away. In the distance, the Puy de Dôme is dusted with snow. Intertwining of small valleys, round green hills, winding roads almost deserted. Auvergne around here would be, it seems, a little wild and silent. Jessy Trémouliere detonates in this environment. The young woman (28) welcomes us with a big smile and is talkative. Passage obligatory by the family table. We will talk about rugby later. On the menu, béchamel and ham croque-monsieur, braised beef with carrots, cheese, salad.