Jeff Bezos finishes crushing the rebellion

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Twenty-two minutes. This is the time displayed by the small counter, at the top left of letter to shareholders signed by Jeff Bezos. And that’s right: it takes 22 minutes to read this letter signed by the founder and director of Amazon. Man is obsessed with numbers and time. An example? In his letter, he says he saved each of his customers 75 hours of travel and presence in stores, for a total value, he calculates, of $ 126 billion in 2020.

There are the numbers. There is also the tone. Six days after an unsuccessful union organizing attempt at a group warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, Jeff Bezos used his annual letter to respond. Without nuance. “If you read certain articles, you might think that we don’t care about our people. In these reports, our employees are sometimes accused [sic] to be desperate souls and treated like robots. This is wrong, ”writes Jeff Bezos. The man specifies having recruited 500,000 people in 2020, to now have 1.3 million employees.