Jean-Michel Cina: “Apply zero tolerance”

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In an interview with Time, Jean-Michel Cina, chairman of the board of directors of the SSR, gives his full support to director Gilles Marchand, ensuring that his integrity could not be called into question. However, he recognizes managerial gaps and shortcomings within the company.

Le Temps: Is the SSR, in particular the RTS, a company in crisis?

Jean-Michel Cina: In his investigation, your newspaper formulated serious criticisms that the board of directors had to verify by commissioning three investigations, unprecedented in the company. Gaps have been identified in our instruments to protect our employees from all forms of harassment and violation of their integrity. In each unit of the SSR, we will appoint people of trust outside the hierarchy as well as an external mediator to apply the zero tolerance that we are aiming for.

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You admit that we need a culture change at RTS. Behaviors sexist been tolerated for too long?

In one of the three cases analyzed, there were managerial shortcomings, without the two independent experts considering them to be serious errors. It was the former president of the Vaud cantonal court Muriel Epard and the former president of the Geneva court of accounts Stanislas Zuin who made this assessment. I can only respect their judgment.

Out of 230 testimonies to the Defense Collective, 180 expressed discomfort and grievances. Isn’t the staff’s relationship with management broken?

We are now awaiting the analysis of the Defense Collective, which will submit its final report by the end of June. Having said that: no, I don’t believe that trust is broken with management. But trust must be earned every day through concrete actions.

The director general of the SSR Gilles Marchand, who headed the RTS at the time of the facts, admitted to having committed a fault. Is he still the right person to lead the upcoming reforms?

The SSR Board of Directors analyzed the situation in depth. There is no reason to question the integrity of Gilles Marchand, who has all the skills required to support this change in culture and fight against harassment. He is also the right person to meet the challenges facing the public service, such as those of the digital transformation of the company in the context of a budget marked by savings programs.

The “MeToo” movement has freed up the voice of the staff who show themselves more equality claimant. What measures are planned for the SSR?

The network of “idea femme” collaborators was created in 2019 by female executives such as Larissa Bieler, Philippa de Roten and Nathalie Wappler. A “Diversity Board” was also founded to strengthen gender diversity within the company, in teams and in programs. Women represent 41% of the SSR workforce and 30% of executives.