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“It’s enough!”: Quebec manifests after eight feminicides in eight weeks

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Eight feminicides in eight weeks in Quebec, “that’s enough!” Cried thousands of people who marched across the province on Friday, especially in Montreal. They denounced violence against women and called on the government to do more.

Of the twenty or so events organized in Quebec, that of Montreal gathered the most people: more than 10,000 people according to the organizers.

Cries of “enough is enough, not one more”, the demonstrators, the vast majority of women, marched in peace in the center of the Quebec metropolis. In the long procession, placards proclaimed “We never kill for love”, “We are not born a woman but we die” or “Reforms before we die”.

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The 13th feminicide since the beginning of the year

That same morning, police confirmed that the death of a woman in late March in the north of the province was a feminicide, the eighth in as many weeks and the 13th since the start of the pandemic.

“Behind each of these women killed, there are thousands of others who live in fear on a daily basis. That’s 300 unreported murder attempts, that’s enough, ”said Quebec actress Ingrid Falaise to the crowd, who herself“ survived ”a violent spouse.

“Today we are here with them to say that psychological, economic, sexual and physical violence is unacceptable,” she added.

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Prime Minister promises to commit

Officials from the four organizations helping women in difficulty at the origin of the demonstration called on the government of Quebec Premier François Legault to do more, particularly in terms of funding shelters. During an interview at the end of March, François Legault had promised that he would deal “personally” with this case and had undertaken to announce rapid measures to strengthen the reception of women victims of violence.

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