It is the turn of the people of Geneva to judge Pierre Maudet

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Geneva justice has ruled. She considers Pierre Maudet guilty of accepting an advantage in the context of the famous 2015 trip to Abu Dhabi, a trip made with his family and his chief of staff at the expense of the local authorities.

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It is now up to the people of Geneva to decide indirectly on this affair which has paralyzed cantonal political life for almost three years. The elected independent is a candidate for his own succession following his resignation from the Council of State. This verdict will have an influence on some voters, even if others have already decided their opinion during the long investigation.

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The last time Pierre Maudet appeared before the people, in spring 2018, he dominated the cantonal elections head and shoulders to the point of being elected in the first round, among 31 candidates. The case now judged has revealed a personality that contrasts with the one who had allowed him to convince beyond the parties. Three years ago, he was a straight man, with a good record. Since then, we know that this same man lied at all levels of power to preserve his interests and that he incited others to do so. The investigation allowed to learn that not only the minister made pay the contributions due to his ex-party by thirds, but that in addition he took advantage of this transaction to lower his taxes. Finally, his action at the head of Geneva’s economic development was lackluster, even if it is true that the pandemic complicates the action of the Council of State as a whole.

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Everyone is now free to make their own political assessment of these facts, some of which still believe that they are strictly personal morals. If the electorate deems it worthy, then it will be able to choose to re-elect Pierre Maudet to the cantonal government, responsible for the seven members to find a modus operandi to manage the crisis in the crisis that would be the return of the ex-banished.

This very special trial crushed the campaign for March 7. Hopefully this verdict will finally get her started and reveal a reliable personality. After wandering around on the issue of vaccination, Fabienne Fischer, a green candidate, is weakened. Cyril Aellen is less thunderous as a PLR candidate than as a deputy, a position in which he has been recognized for his talent for twelve years. Green Liberal National Councilor, Michel Matter certainly wears a different tone but, without a parliamentary group, he will be lonely. Madam and Gentlemen, it is time to show how your presence would transform a Council of State into a search for balance.

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