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Is wearing a mask during a workout bad for your health?

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Athletes have been wondering for months whether wearing a mask while playing sports could be harmful to their health. According to a recent Italian study, this is not the case. On the other hand, this work observed a relative drop in performance.

No health risk during sport

Like vaccines, masks have had their share of fake news since the onset of the Covid-19 epidemic. The people disseminating this false information evoked several points . According to them, prolonged wearing of the mask would induce a risk of hypoxia (lack of oxygen) or carbon dioxide (CO2) poisoning. In addition, the masks of the masks would be too large, allowing viruses to pass.

Since the arrival of the coronavirus, there is an activity that many citizens have not given up: sport. Many people continue to run, even during episodes of confinement. However, this raises the question of whether to wear a mask during intense physical activity may or may not harm health. A study published inEuropean Respiratory Journal gave a definitive answer.

Researchers at the Monzino Cardiology Center in Milan (Italy) believe that there is no risk to health. Moreover, this favorable response also concerns the indoor sports practice as is the case in theaters long closed to the public due to the pandemic.

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A 10% drop in performance with the FFP2 mask

“Even during maximum effort, the use of masks is safe”, the study scientists said.

Let us mention in passing that this conclusion concerns only healthy individuals. Thus, the researchers estimated that there was no risk to the health of these individuals, but also to the people around in terms of contamination. However, they noted a small downside: a performance decrease of about 10%. Let us also mention the fact that the objective of this study was to make the imminent reopening of sports halls safer.

In order to provide their opinion, the cardiologists hired a dozen volunteers of around 40 years of age on average and in good health. Each of the participants had to perform three series of tests when using an exercise bike. The first tests were done without a mask, the second with a surgical mask and the last with an FFP2 mask. However, it was while wearing the FFP2 mask that the 10% drop in performance was recorded. According to the researchers, wearing a surgical mask does notonly slightly impacts these same performances.

Finally, the doctors said they did not want to stop there. Indeed, the results are very encouraging for healthy people, but what about individuals? suffering from heart or lung disease ? Researchers believe it is much the same, but they want to do more work to find out.


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