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Is there a genocide in Xinjiang?

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The last days, the Chinese mission to the UN in Geneva regularly refers the United States to their “genocidal past”. “In terms of” genocide “, explained Ambassador Chen Xu at the beginning of the week, it is exactly the crime committed by the United States. Let us remember the Native Americans who were driven from their lands and killed, their population plunging 95%. ” Two days later, a statement of the Chinese mission added: the United States has never apologized and has never compensated the victims of their “evil past of genocidaires”. Let’s call them preemptive oratorical strikes.

If Beijing draws the UN, it is because the threat of an international campaign is emerging. Shouldn’t China be qualified as “genocidal” in view of its policy of bringing the Uighurs under control in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region? A first step was taken by the American administration at the beginning of the year. It was one of Donald Trump’s last blows: Beijing is carrying out a genocide that is still ongoing, the State Department decreed. An accusation taken up by his successor and which should achieve consensus in Congress.

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