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Instagram wants to play in the backyard … children

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Like fake chewing gum cigarettes, people under 13 may soon know their own version of Instagram. Platform director Adam Mosseri confirmed in a recent tweet that the company is exploring a variation aimed at little ones, in response to the Buzzfeed news site. Indeed, a reporter from the online media revealed that he intercepted an internal message from Instagram vice president Vishal Shah about a new “pillar” that would focus on the integrity and privacy of employees. young children, as well as on the development of a version that would ensure safe use of the network.

Mixed reactions

The reactions were not long in coming. On Twitter, Internet users quickly castigated a desire for “indoctrination”, others pointed to the increased risks of child crime by creating a network only used by young children, and denounced the encouragement to invest too early this kind of platform, which we know are involved in addiction problems, concentration disorders, etc. In Switzerland, several studies have shown that the daily screen time is four hours on average for 11 to 15 year olds.

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