“Incandescent Hearts”, or the energy of the living

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The exhibition begins in boiling point. Heated to lively, a magmatic core is reminiscent of a solar flare. However, the image is truly earthly: it is the thermogram of a dancer’s heart. “For this project, I wanted to go beyond the superficial envelope of the body to highlight the energy that links life to movement”, shares Nicolas Brodard.

When he receives the invitation from Lausanne Prize 2020, the 36-year-old photojournalist seizes the opportunity to step out of his comfort zone: “This award is a rare space for research and photographic expression. Faced with this freedom, I felt the need to show responsibility by taking risks. ” This is how the winner of the Swiss Press Photo Award 2019 (in the Swiss Stories category for his series Federal Councilor) sought to go beyond traditional representations of dance. “Since the 19th century, classical dance has been represented through the idealized aesthetic of Greco-Roman sculpture,” he explains, before adding: “By disregarding muscular modeling and lighting, the thermography allows you to take an interest in content as much as in form. ”