In video game football, a union is currency rights to thousands of players

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The faces of football stars modeled to perfection in virtual form are a major selling point for the two big video game publishers, Electronic Arts (FIFA) and Konami (PES), in a very real world. True to his habits and his style, Zlatan Ibrahimovic put his foot in the dish last November: “Someone has been making profits on my name and my face without any agreement for all these years. It’s time to investigate. ”

Gareth Bale immediately supported the Swede’s request on Twitter: “Interesting … what is FIFPro?” The attackers of AC Milan and Tottenham were playing their personal card, or rather that of their agents. “FIFA is working on an overhaul of the agents’ commission, including a cap on commissions. It does not please Mino Raiola, who advised Ibrahimovic to put a little pressure on FIFA through his agreements with Electronic Arts and FIFPro ”, indicates a source. Bale’s agent, England’s Jonathan Barnett, appeared in the Spanish sports daily last year As like “very close to Mino, […] a very good friend ”. If the two players preached for the interests of their parish, it remains interesting to understand how the right to the collective image of football players is ceded to video game companies.