In Vevey, rebuilding on ruins

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Scattered like a puzzle: the last legislature left Vevey citizens without a political situation in the form of a heap of debris. In the canton of Vaud, such a decline is unprecedented for a city of almost 20,000 souls.

In a few days, citizens will be called to the rescue, to try to rebuild something after these five years. No classic party has been spared by controversy, and the executive will be reduced from five to seven members, which has the consequence of further increasing electoral ambitions and appetites. Eleven lists therefore, some unpublished or baroque, and 29 candidates are in the running: Vevey Libre (3 candidates), UDC (2), PLR (3), Alliance centiste veveysanne (1), Perspectives (2), Décroissance-Alternatives (3 ), the Socialist Party (3), the (3), En Avant Vevey (2), Citizen Platform (6) and for Vevey (1).