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In Tokyo, it’s Seiko Hashimoto time

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The road to flexibility. In the land of judo, using the strength of the opponent is second nature. Heavily criticized after the misogynistic remarks of its president Yoshiro Mori, the organizing committee of the Tokyo Olympic Games finally turned the load to its advantage by replacing the ancient Mori (83) with the ideal person: Seiko Hashimoto, a woman , younger (56 years old), former athlete and recent Minister for the Olympic Games and Gender Equality.

Will this be enough to make again desirable and modern these cursed Games, postponed for a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which have become a financial pit, still on borrowed time and for the time being maintained from July 23 to August 8? Nothing is less sure. If the new president of the organizing committee immediately promised to work to “draw attention to gender equality” and to increase the rate of women on the executive council of the committee from 20% to 40% , its real task will be above all to bring back the resigning volunteers, to reassure the economic partners and to convince the public opinion to follow the government in the idea that organizing the Olympic Games remains the best thing to do.

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