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In the Valais government, the new ones take the vacant departments

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The new Valaisan executive has divided the departments: unsurprisingly, the socialist Mathias Reynard takes over Health, social affairs and culture from the hands of his party colleague Esther Waeber Kalbermatten and the SVP Franz Ruppen Mobility, territory and Jacques Melly’s environment. They will take up their duties on May 1.

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Leavers stay in their places

The outgoing PLR Frédéric Favre and PDC Roberto Schmidt and Christophe Darbellay each keep their dicastery for a second legislature. The liberal-radical will lead Security, institutions and sport.

Haut-Valaisan Roberto Schmidt remains the canton’s chief treasurer and will have the Department of Finance and Energy under his orders. As for Christophe Darbellay, he will remain at the head of the Economy and training, a department he wanted to keep, as he had repeatedly announced in the media.

As of May 1, Frédéric Favre will assume the presidency of the college.

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