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In the Upper House, a working duo of Jurassians

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A little more than a year after the federal elections, on the occasion of the spring session which begins this Monday, Time scrutinized the functioning of the six Romand tandems in the Upper House.

Of all the senators’ duets from the French-speaking cantons, they are the last survivors of the traditional sector. Elisabeth Baume-Schneider and Charles Juillard both sat in the Jura government before representing it in the upper chamber, that of the cantons precisely. “We are a working duo”, they declare in chorus with words so similar that it is almost touching! Even if ideological struggles divide them, all the causes affecting the Jura unite them. “The interests of the canton will always prevail over those of the parties when it comes to financial equalization and defense of public service such as rail or postal services”, specifies Charles Juillard. “We are loyal to the canton. For the rest, we respect each other while remaining independent in our convictions, ”adds the Franc-Montagnarde.

The example of fighter planes

One file illustrates the situation well: the acquisition of new combat aircraft for 6 billion francs. Basically, impossible to agree a colonel in the army and a “Taignonne” living in the only region of Switzerland to have approved the initiative for the suppression of the army! “But we find ourselves at the time of fighting so that the companies of the Jura Arc obtain compensatory cases”, notes Elisabeth Baume-Schneider.

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